Animation reveals children’s hopes

Published: November 10, 2020

A heart-warming animation from the children of Harmeny School is currently being showcased in the newly reopened Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art.

“The Mice and the Bakers” is the tale of two cats, two mice and a donkey. It’s the result of a collaboration between Harmeny and Little Animation Studio, an animation social enterprise led by filmmaker Simon Bishopp and arts education researcher Katja Frimberger.

The short film reflects the life experiences of many of the children at Harmeny and carries a theme of shared kindness, and how one good deed leads to another.

Harmeny was approached by Simon and Katja, who had received Creative Scotland funding to develop the project. Written, illustrated and narrated by the children, Little Animation Studio taught the animation techniques and the other creative skills the children needed to tell their own special story.

The children were completely inspired by the project. When coronavirus restrictions hit back in March, making it difficult for Katja and Simon to visit the school, the children were determined to carry on, supported by their teachers and by Katja and Simon virtually.

Harmeny Creative Arts teacher Nikki Hepburn said: “It was amazing to see the children’s ideas being turned into story form and to hear their own voices bringing all their animal characters to life.

“Our children need all the support they can get to discover their strengths, build skills for life and work and grow towards their potential. Katja and Simon’s enthusiasm was just what they needed, especially during lockdown. We’re delighted that visitors to the Gallery of Modern Art will get to chance to enjoy our children’s creativity as much as we have.”

You can watch the children’s animation for yourself here. Please share and help spread the #kindnessboomerang.