“Stand by me” – rising to the challenge of Sports Relief

Published: May 31, 2018

It was all about the team work as Harmeny took on the Sports Relief challenge in style.

The members of Eagle class were taking a break following the first session of their mile-long Sports Relief Challenge. They were positive about the event and keen to explain how it worked.
“It’s going really well,” Leon said. “We’re raising money by wearing red and charging a pound to take part in the challenge.”

Members of three other Harmeny school classes were being supported to run, bounce basket balls, pass hockey balls, roll on rollerboards. . . in all, race up and down the school gym in eight different ways. Together with three circuits of the outdoor play area, each child was covering a mile for Sports Relief. At just £1 an entry, the final total of £74.80 was impressive.

The Eagles themselves had designed the whole event and each boy was mentoring one of the participants – which meant they were doing the whole challenge three times over as well as recording their friends’ progress! It’s a good job they’re sporty lads, and when I met them they were still smiling. “It’s tiring though,” admitted Declan, as he munched through a banana in a bid to build up some Andy Murray-style energy.

The boys had worked out the eight methods of getting up and down the gym, measured the route, made posters, and visited staff in the Harmeny cottages to explain the event. On the day, however, what was most impressive was the way they looked out for each other, supported by classroom assistants shouting encouragement from the sidelines. “Good mentoring boys! Great focus! Nice trainers!”

Each child was out to meet their target for his or herself, but in the end the challenge and pleasure was in encouraging each other through. This was team work taken seriously, and the result was a success not only for Sports Relief but for the Harmeny children themselves.