Children’s Work

My First Day At Sea

My name is Bill and I am 19 years old.  I met an old man when I was in Australia. We went on a boat and sailed all the way to Florida. I left home because I had an argument with my dad.

I am sad because I won’t see any of my family. I can hear big waves crashing and lots of noisy people talking and screaming at each other. I have no food with me and I have a rumbling in my tummy and I hope I get some food soon.

It’s moving! We’re going out to sea. I am scared. I don’t know anyone on the ship and I feel sick.  The captain made me pull the sheets, it was hard.  My arms are sore! I asked a man to help me, a quiet old man with a long black beard. He is kind and helpful.

After my first day I was dizzy because I worked so hard. I had some fish soup for my tea. It was horrible! I don’t like fish. I was sleeping underneath the stars up on deck. It was freezing cold and hard. I didn’t sleep well because it began to rain and that turned to hailstones. I feel stiff. I am not looking forward to work.

I want to get off this boat! I don’t like it because it is making me feel ill. I am desperate to get back to land. When I get back to land I want to see my mum and dad. I will never go back to sea again!

Chloe W typed her writing based on the text that had been scribed for her.


Big Waves on Bryher

Gale force winds . . . Cold, clouds . . . Waves pushing water ashore . . . Flooding, scary . . . Heavy rain . . . Freezing, danger

– Chloe W


Storm Disaster

The animals and bystanders of Bryher are involved in a Big Storm that hit Bryher on Friday night.  Houses were destroyed and animals were killed.

People have been left homeless and hungry. Animals have been stranded on the beaches of Bryher. There are floods of water everywhere!

A girl from Bryher said “It’s terrible; people are starving. Houses are in bits and animals have been killed.

– Chloe S