Quotes About Learning

“That made me feel good.”  C, after distributing harvest festival gifts to the elderly in the community

Conversation between J and Teacher:

Teacher – What do you like about Harmeny?
J –  I think I like the people best. The people are really nice.
Teacher – What is your favourite thing in your school work?
J – I think I like poetry best – em literature.

“This is making learning fun!”  K about Maths Challenge Day

I know what a conjunction is and I have learned my nine times table.”  C

“I am proud because I did art for ASDAN.”  R

“I am going to try harder not to be cheeky.”  D

“I am a pro skiier now!”  K

“Look at my handwriting!”   A

“I want to be a scientist when I grow up.”  R

“I really like this painting because it shows the future which is really cool. It is colourful and bright and it is really realistic and it shows the meaning for things.”   C

“I thought I could not manage the highest climb in Ratho but I tried and with a little bit of struggling I completed it and was very pleased.”  L

“It’s amazing”  D – during the combustible chemistry show


“I don’t like Harmeny, I love it.”  J