Assessment & Planning

Harmeny is highly committed to working with all professionals within a child’s life to ensure continuity and consistency in relation to the ‘child’s plan’, under the Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) and Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) frameworks.

Our assessment and planning processes are recognised by inspectors as a major strength and are fully integrated, with a key team of staff working alongside the child and family, in preparing individual assessments, plans and reviews.

We use a range of evidence based assessment and tracking tools, under the framework of the GIRFEC ‘My World Triangle’, including:

  • An initial Background Report which provides a chronological history of the child’s needs and context for current presenting issues.
  • A Resilience Assessment, employing the model advocated by Sally Wassell and Brigid Daniel, assessing each child’s strengths and areas of development across six ‘domains’: Secure Base, Friendships, Talents and Interests, Positive Values, Social Competencies and Education.
  • A Health & Wellbeing Assessment, carried out by the Lothian LAAC Nurse Team, including an SDQ (Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire).
  • An individual Risk Assessment, including a range of risk factors and mitigants unique to each child across different settings and activities.
  • A Basic Skills Checklist, providing a helpful ‘aide memoire’ regarding the child’s abilities, in relation to: Feelings and communication; Self Care; Knowing about me; Safety; and Life skills / Self help
  • An About Me Form, which is filled out by each child along with their Key Worker.
  • A Personal Learning Plan (PLP) Folder, which the child assists the Class Teacher in compiling when s/he starts receiving a service and is referred to throughout the placement.
  • An INCAS Assessment, which provides a baseline assessment of each child’s core learning needs (reading, spelling, maths and attitude to learning), as well as tracks progress.
  • The Single Word Spelling Test, New Group Reading Test, Active Maths Assessment and other curriculum based assessments.
  • A writing folder, which evidences children’s progress in their literacy.

We maintain strong links with all key agencies, including social work, health, police and other voluntary organisations, in order to ensure the child’s needs are fully assessed and met.

We arrange Speech & Language assessments for individual children and are currently developing Movement & Physical Ability Assessments (bilateral integration, fitness levels, coordination, stamina, fine and gross motor skills). Children access community specialist services such as Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services and Enuresis Clinics; and we have strong working relationships with the local GP, Dentist and Optician.

We are highly committed to the GIRFEC approach of assessment, working in collaboration with children, parents / carers, local authorities and other agencies to ensure that placements and transitions happen on a planned basis and that there is consistency in assessing each child’s unique needs. Every child receives a review at least every six months and we provide detailed reports and assessments and support children throughout these.

From August 2016, we will be implementing an Outcomes Framework, linked to the GIRFEC SHANARRI Indicators and CfE Four Capacities, which will allow us to carry out baseline assessments for each child shortly after they are placed, and to measure their progress at regular intervals throughout the time they are at Harmeny.