Harmeny Recollections Book

Harmeny Recollections: The First Fifty Years

On 19th September 2014 (yes the day after the Referendum for Scottish Independence!) we made our very own history by launching Recollections of Harmeny: The First Fifty Years, written by Janice West on behalf of Harmeny Education Trust.

The book tells the engaging story, through words and pictures, of the first fifty years of Harmeny School, based on the recollections of staff and former pupils and marking the significant impact the school has had on the lives of many, over five decades.

To purchase the book (£10.00 per copy) please phone on 0131 449 3938 or email us at admin@harmeny.org.uk

Some Quotes from the Launch

“I am a former Pupil. I was here 1963-64. Best years of my life here.” (Former Pupil)

“A lovely afternoon full of wonderful memories! I hope the next 50 years continue to be as successful.” (Former Staff Member)

“The children were very impressive and the history of Harmeny fascinating. Well done!” (Head of Independent School)

Continuing the Story…

We would be delighted to hear from former staff or residents who have worked or lived at Harmeny over the years. Please get in touch on 0131 449 3938 or at admin@harmeny.org.uk.