Since it was first set up in 1958, Harmeny School has operated as one of Scotland’s Grant Aided Special Schools, providing specialist services to children with complex social, emotional and behavioural needs. The school was originally managed through Save the Children, but following an internal review early in the 1990s, it was agreed that Harmeny should become an independent charitable body and Harmeny Education Trust Limited was established for this purpose in December 1995.

Since that time, Harmeny Education Trust has worked to improve the physical resources of the school and to raise professional standards and competencies throughout the organisation. We have developed the range and quality of services – including Harmeny Outdoors and, until 2020, our SQA Centre. We are highly committed to improving practice in special education and residential care, and in doing so, achieving better outcomes for children.

In September 2014, we published Recollections of Harmeny: The First Fifty Years, written by Janice West on behalf of Harmeny Education Trust. The book tells the engaging story, through words and pictures, of the first five decades of Harmeny School, based on the recollections of staff and former pupils. It marks the significant impact the school has had on the lives of many. To purchase the book (£10.00 per copy) please contact the school on 0131 449 3938 or by email at admin@harmeny.org.uk