Vision, Purpose & Core Values

Our Vision:

“We believe that every child has the right to a happy and secure childhood and to a wealth of opportunities and experiences. Our hope is for all children to be treated with kindness and understanding, to be best they can, and to lead great and fulfilling lives.”

Our Purpose:

“Our work at Harmeny starts with the child, whose needs are at the heart of all that we do. We are a highly nurturing living and learning community, committed to providing excellent care and education. We strive to help children experience the wonders of childhood, overcome their difficulties and build strengths and resilience for the future.”

Our Core Values:

Our core values, which underpin our Vision and Purpose, provide the basis of our engagement with all who are involved or come into contact with Harmeny:

  1. Optimistic. We endeavour to work at all times with optimism, believing that positive change can happen.
  2. Caring. We provide a highly caring and nurturing environment where children feel safe and secure and where trusting, authentic and consistent relationships thrive. We are committed to the health and wellbeing of our staff and to providing a supportive working environment.
  3. Holistic. We recognise the whole needs of the child, believing in the importance of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development
  4. Encouraging. We have high expectations, encouraging individual talent, building on strengths and praising children at every opportunity. We endeavour to inspire and enable children to develop, achieve and strive to fulfil their potential as life-long learners.
  5. Inclusive. We endeavour to create a positive experience of community within and beyond Harmeny, working closely with children, families, local communities and other organisations to ensure inclusive and responsive services.
  6. Just. We promote an environment which is free from discrimination, bullying or harassment on the grounds of age, disability, gender, differing ability, ethnic and cultural background, sexual orientation or religion.
  7. Skilled. We take great pride in our staff, investing in their learning and development, in order to deliver highly specialist services.
  8. Innovative. We promote a fun, positive and team-oriented atmosphere, where creativity and innovation is encouraged and realised.
  9. Accountable. We are accountable to children, families and our customers, for the highest possible standards, the best outcomes for each child, great value for money and the responsible stewardship of financial and physical resources.
  10. Green. We pledge to use and manage the earth’s natural resources responsibly and sustainably.