Christmas show is no turkey!

It wasn’t hard to see why Harmeny’s annual Christmas Show is the most talked about event of the school calendar. This year it sparkled more brightly than the Strictly glitterball!

Trevor the Turkey’s Great Escape was a tale of sticking up for our friends and having a ball from beginning to end.

We knew that because a couthy fairy told us – before putting on her poshest voice to welcome all the parents and carers who had travelled from near and far to watch Harmeny children and staff have the time of their lives.

Even if the Christmas Fairy hadn’t told us, we’d have known anyway. Here was Timmy looking after turkey Trevor, and two children helping find eyes, nose and arms for the snowgirl they’d just made.

In a toy shop, joke-telling toys were all best friends (was that really Elvis in the corner with his guitar?), and of course Cinderella got her Prince Charming after all – as well as being treated to the best ever Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy!

And we all partied – goodness, we partied – because could a Christmas be complete without a hip-hop party beat? Oh no it couldn’t!

As Chief Executive Neil Squires said, it was wonderful to see so many children treading the boards with such confidence – thoroughly enjoying entertaining us, and sharing friendship with each other as they told a warm-hearted musical story. It was a huge effort by so many people – on stage and off. A truly memorable way to launch the Christmas season.

As for our turkey hero. . . thanks to Grandad’s decision to go vegetarian, “Trevor escaped disaster, and they all lived happily ever after!”

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