Harmeny Council

Harmeny Council gives us the opportunity to be involved in consultation and decision making on things that can improve our school and care experience.

We learn to be advocates for others, we learn good communication skills and feel included and listened to.

Here are some examples of issues we have brought to the Council:

  • We asked for new play equipment, including an extension to the Skate Park and new equipment for the ‘Venchie’ (Adventure Playground).
  • We have made links with other local schools and visited their Pupil Councils.
  • We have discussed getting more water in classes, to ensure we are hydrated while we learn.
  • We have looked at Eco School issues and encouraged litter picking week.
  • We asked the Board to think about raising the amount of pocket money children get, as well as considering a new vehicle for outdoor activities – and this was agreed.
  • We chose the school uniforms for S1 and S2 classes.