Partnership Approach

At Harmeny, we very much believe in the importance of working alongside parents, carers and their families to best meet the needs of children placed here.

Over the years, Harmeny has placed a great deal of emphasis on developing our ethos, culture and practices to achieve meaningful involvement of parents and carers in all aspects of ‘Harmeny life’. Whether it be at community events, family days, attending the Parent and Carer Group, supporting staff induction, meeting inspectors, or helping with fundraising, parents are encouraged to be actively involved with the school, ‘as a matter of course’.

We are particularly keen to receive feedback about the quality of our services from parents and carers, and we offer a range of opportunities to enable this. In addition to the Parent & Carer Group, we keep in touch with parents and carers through regular interaction with staff via telephone and email, our Harmeny Herald and Education Newsletters, the ‘Celebrating Success’ children’s reports, and at Harmeny events such as our Sports Day and Christmas Show.

We offer parents and carers regular opportunities to feed back through care plans and reviews, and through an annual questionnaire. Day pupils also have a ‘Home/School’ Book, which is helpful for enabling consistent approaches between families and Harmeny staff, on a day-to-day basis.