Some quotes…

Harmeny is like one big family… for the first time, I feel included in the care and education of my son. Parent

J has been a lot happier. He will now talk about what he has done at the school on a daily basis, whereas before he would not. Parent

The cottage is a place where not only the children are valued but parents and carers too are made to feel welcome and supported. Parent

I come to the parents group once a month. It’s really good – makes me feel like it’s not only me with problems. Parent

It’s the same staff – they’re consistent, they know his routines. The people in cottages, the admin staff – they’re all great! It doesn’t matter – it can be the boss, the cleaner – they’re all the same. Parent

I enjoy coming to Harmeny and am treated with the greatest of courtesy and respect. Grandparent

We cannot sing your praises enough. The environment at and around Harmeny is ideally conducive to learning, but that aside it is always down to the staff in-house to create the opportunity and progress made with the pupils there, and we could not have found more committed teachers or support staff. Parents