Learning for Life Appeal

“Building the Future Together”

The Harmeny Learning for Life Appeal aims to provide improved learning facilities and living accommodation for our children and also to make our specialist education and support available to a wider range of older children. Read our latest appeal news.

Our appeal is all about increasing opportunities for our young people to discover skills and talents, which in turn grows self-confidence and builds vital foundations for future careers. Watch our video here.

At the heart of our plans is the extension of a homely, stimulating environment where children feel nurtured and cared for, and which greatly facilitates their learning. In addition, we wish to further develop the range of skills based activities, such as outdoor learning, art, design and technology, which provide fantastic opportunities for young to develop the three core curricular skills of literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing.

Since Harmeny is aiming to work with more young people beyond the age of 14, some of our residential spaces need expansion. In addition, our current Outdoor Centre is simply too cold to work in for much of the year, and needs to include more flexible spaces for a range of skills-based activities.

The Harmeny Learning for Life Appeal will:

1. build a brand new outdoor centre / learning hub to

  • extend and insulate our bike workshop for all-year-round use
  • create two secondary classrooms, office space, and a flexible classroom/community
    room for use by the outdoor team and volunteer support groups
  • replace our cramped art and woodwork spaces with two light, spacious and flexible rooms for art and design creativity

2. extend two of our residential cottages to

  • increase the living accommodation where our children play and relax, and the kitchen
    areas where their meals are prepared
  • separate out staff office and sleepover accommodation

3. develop a new skills project to

  • work with up to 60 young people who are at risk of exclusion, referred from
    secondary schools in South West Edinburgh
  • share the proven benefits of our skills-based curriculum, using cycling, bike
    maintenance, art, design and technology to develop core literacy and numeracy skills
  • provide support to the young people and their families in partnership with
  • offer an extended programme of practical skills and improved facilities for children placed at Harmeny

DocHdl1OnPRINECTSVRtmpTargetDownload our brochure below as a PDF